Fashion Dinkies: Designs by Isaura at Fantasy Faire


Outfit: Designs by Isaura: Dinkiescout, purple (Thanks, Isaura!)
(For the pants: Rezz dinkie avatar, edit, select face, make legs 100% invisible).
Eyes: Designs by Isaura: Dinkies realistic eyes, blue
Designs by Isaura blogFlickrSLurl – Fantasy Faire Store at Featherfall

Dinkie avatars are by Tiny.Inc. Remember to read about the 1.9 Dinkie Bento update here. Isaura is updating her skins to the new body as we speak. They work on old bodies fine until then.

Hair: DP Yumyum: May2016 Free group gift. (I heavily edited it to fit dinkie).
Poses: Hera: Bloom Bento, 1, 6
Poses: Hera: Spring Fling VOL2 Bento,1M
Location: Paer Thura. Region by Lilia Artis, Silas Merlin and Haveit Neox. (Sponsored by Safe Waters Foundation.)



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