Fashion Dinkies: Suzu, Dinkie Boutique, Designs by Isaura at Fantasy Faire


Dress: Suzy: Alice for Dinkies at Fantasy Faire
Lashes: Dinkie Boutique: Cute Doll, Dinkies Bento Lashes, Black and tintable white, at Beauty Dept
Eyes: Designs by Isauraand at FF: Dinkies realistic eyes, blue
Hair: Beusy: Lilac Hairstyle, Basics Pack (heavily edited size)
Pose: Le Poppycock: Rarefied
Location: Jadoube – Sponsored by The Looking Glass. – Region by Sharni Azalee
Fantasy Faire Website

(Remember to read about the 1.9 Dinkie Bento update here. Suzy, and other dinkie designers, are quickly updating items.)

Dinkie Boutique at Fantasy Faire 2021Dinkie Boutique Flickr (Texture by Lycia)

Suzu at Fantasy Faire 2021Suzu blogSuzu Flickr (Texture by Lycia)

My previous post about the region decorated by FionaFei at Fantasy Faire.



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