About me

This is the blog and website of Pieni. I blog fashion, and events, plus whatever I find of interest in Second Life (the virtual world by Linden Labs LTD). I am part of the tiny culture, which encompasses a wide selection of sims, activities and types of avatars. I also have a biggie (tall human) avatar, which I use mostly for blogging. I will explain more about these things on separate pages on this website.

In real life, meaning the world of the person behind the keyboard, I am a forty-something person from Finland (she/her). I support equality, and human rights, plus animal rights and nature conservation. I love art, literature and crafts. Some of my art I showcase in Second Life.

I own Cake Fox, a store selling decorative items, fashion etc.

I used to run Rainbow Tinies, an event group for LGBTQAI+ people and their allies. I also owned a gallery called Galleria Kakku. Both still exist on this website and in pictures. I continue to support everyone involved.