About blog

Thank you for your interest in my blog. I blog fashion and home decor, art, crafts, design, events and locations. I combine themes, for example: I often have a location mention in a fashion post, which allows promoting it to a larger group. My blog posts will be shared on social media and in some inworld groups.

If you wish to have your items featured, here are a few reminders.

I mainly blog for Dinkie avatars at the moment. Dinkies are rigged mesh and their clothes are mostly meant just for them. But I can blog hair and accessories, if they are resize-scripted or modifiable. Hair needs to resize in all directions: x. y, z, not just scaled bigger or smaller, as our heads are different from humans. Accessories need to at least be resized by scaling.

Include a vendor image with permissions, so I can save them on my computer and include in the post, or send me a link to them on your Flickr, Blog or Marketplace Store. Include any information you wish me to mention in the post. Please add landmarks so that I do not need to jump around verifying your store location.

Please Remember:

  • Do not send items by other people
  • I can not blog regularly or everything I am sent. I have real life health issues.
  • I reserve the right to blog what I want to, and hope you remember I do this for free.
  • I can not blog adult items, but events and stores can be on adult sims. Furniture needs to be pg-rated, preferably without any cuddles, or just with very innocent ones.
  • My dinkie avatar is bom/bento ready and latest version.
  • I do not often use tiny or titchy avatars, but love them, too
  • If you are sending review items or want me to check out your event or location, please include basic information such as SLurl/LM, dates, themes etc. Events need to be open for all and with free entry. I am interested in art, educational, literature, decorating, sim design, shopping etc.
  • I am very happy to blog charity events and subjects. Just make sure they are a credible charity with both a registered charity status in real life, and the Second Life end of it verified by the real life charity. If you only provide donation links and/or information of a credible charity and are not collecting lindens, that works, too. Thank you for doing important work!
  • If you found a cool item or location, you can send me a hint. I will see if it fits, and will credit you for the find. (Let me know what name you wish me to use, and if you have a personal link I can add, such as your blog or Flickr).
  • I will not blog anything that breaks copyright laws or SL TOS. You can find out the rules via the Second Life website, where it has the mesh test. But basically any logo, brand name or what sounds like it, likeness of people, likeness of products, copied art or other designs etc will be a big no.
  • I will not have anything to do with racist, nationalist, xenophobic, anti-lgbtqai+ etc ideologies.
  • I avoid weapons, smoking and very dark subjects. For an idea: I would blog suicide prevention charity events, but not scars or wounds.
  • Thank you for reading!

If you agree to these terms, you may contact me inworld: Pieni (Resident).