About blog

This blog is for whatever Pieni finds interesting or happens to have a moment to blog.

While I often post just the basic information, or list of items, besides the images, believe me, blogging takes quite a bit of research and other work. Please keep that in mind when asking me to blog things.

I am usually happy to help. But regular posting, or posting everything I am sent, is impossible. Any review items you may send are welcome, but only if you understand that this is not a promise to blog. Usually I just pay for what I blog rather than sign up as blogger of brands.


  • Do not send items by other people
  • Remember I can not blog regularly or everything I am sent.
  • I can not blog adult items, but events and stores can be on adult sims.
  • My regular avatar has Maitreya body, Catwa and Lelutka heads
  • My dinkie avatar is bom ready
  • I do not often use tiny or titchy avatars, but love them, too
  • If you are sending review items or want me to check out your event or location, please include basic information such as SLurl/LM, dates, themes etc. Events need to be open for all and with free entry. I am interested in art, educational, literature, decorating, sim design, shopping etc.
  • I will not blog anything that breaks copyright laws or SL TOS. You can find out the rules via the Second Life website, where it has the mesh test. But basically any logo, brand name or what sounds like it, likeness of people, likeness of products, copied art or other designs etc will be a big no.
  • I am quite open minded, but I will not have anything to do with racist, nationalist, xenophobic, anti-lgbtqai+ etc ideologies.

If you agree to these terms, you may contact me inworld: Pieni (Resident).