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12thSep2020 Petite Village pawtee

Dj Nofu and Dinkie Boutique owner Lycia have a pawtee for us, to celebrate the opening of the Autumn Market at Petite Village. The pawtee will go on until 3pmSLT or even longer. Join us Here.


Details: Skin: Nuxe: Lara, peach, 60LWEHair: Alantori: Lia, Stay at Home club free gift(NOT pictured: they also have a free head atm)Top: Eliya.K: Rimel cardigan, Stay home club free giftShoes: Eudora3D: River boots, saleEyes: Euphoric: ElliePants: Lazybones: Carder shorts, blackNails: Alme: Pantone SS16 B, in group giftsHead: Catwa: LillyBody: Maitreya: LaraShape: mine Pose: Serendipity: Janet, 5 MirrorLocation:…


You may have noticed, that I have not been posting fashion for a while. I have been busy with other things. Unfortunately some of them sad ones. I wish people would leave some way for their online friends to find out, what happened, if they go MIA. I have also tried to take some time…