Fashion Dinkies: Miles

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Outfit: All Little Folks: Overal Black Meow
Shoes: Dinkie Mart: Velcro Shoes 025
Body: Tiny Inc.: Black Dinkie Cat v1.9 Bento
Drink: Tardfish: Froggy Drinkuh, TMD WE
Piercing: Kunst: AngelWing, TMD WE
Glasses: Zoom: Cartier, TMD WE
Food: Serotonin: Kitty Ice Cream, So Kawaii Secrets
Hat: Crate: Bear Casquette, Green,
Hair: Modulus: Rhett, Lazy Sunday
Held: Krova: GIF Viewer GRN, Green Freaks Hunt
Bag: Web Dew: Purse Brigitte, Bee, Green Freaks Hunt

Pose: Mansport: MIles 4 bento, District69
Location: The Butterfly Effect (Found Here) Flickr, adult (tinies/dinkies welcome, no furries, escorts etc)
Windlight: Region



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