Fashion Dinkies: Nadia

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Fantasy Faire 2022 April 21 – May 8, 2022 (Dinkie Stores list)
Outfit: Peeps: Dinkies Tai Chi Breast Cancer Awareness Outfit, Peeps at Fantasy Faire (Thanks!)
Eyes: Suzu: April, Light pink, Suzu at Fantasy Faire 2022 (Thanks!)
Shoes: Dinkie Boutique: Dinkies Jamie Sneakers, rose
Body: Tiny Inc.: Black Dinkie Cat v1.9 Bento
Bottle: Torment: Taric, crystal, Torment at Fantasy Fairy (Thanks!)
Necklace, bracelet: Unruly: XOXO, 99.Sale
Earrings: Cazimi: Nadia,
Hair sticks: Cazimi: Nadia, Fly Buy Fridays
Hair: Bonbon: Iain, FLF
Wings: LuluB: Libelula, Mystic, FLF
Nose Ring: Venge: Celest, Gold, Redeux, Group Gift Free
Circlet etc: Zibska: Clementia, The Outlet

Pose: Static Posture: Pack #7, 1
Location: Mythspire Ridge, Fantasy Faire
Windlight: Region



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