Fashion Dinkies: Annabelle

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Outfit: Dinkie Boutique:
Necklace: Dinkies Jimmy Cross, black & black
Earrings: Dinkies Tilda Cross, black
Shoes: Dinkies Terry Boots, black
Piercing: Dinkies Septum Piercing, Style B, silver
Socks: Dinkies Candy BOM Kneesocks, fishnet
Garter: Dinkies Gabriella, Garter, black
Skirt: Dinkies Jenny, black
Top: Dinkies Inez BOM Blouse, black dots
Top: Dinkies Lauren BOM, black
Dinkie Beautify Light Unisex

Body: Tiny Inc.: Black Dinkie Cat v1.9 Bento
Hair: Dura: Na10/A, Alpha, list
Bow: Chocolate Atelier: Isotta, Solstice: My Bloody Valentine, list (last day!)

Pose: RVN: Ciggy pack 2, Dubai, free gift
Location: Endless: Permafrost, Haraiki Bay (Found Here)
Windlight: region



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