Pictures: Tiny events


Dinkies, titchies, hatchies, etc. All avatars are welcome, just no bits (nudity)

  • 2021, August 9th: Minie’s Birthday Pawtee with DJ Mia and Jan Blog
  • 2021, July 17th: Disco Pawtee at Petite Village Blog AD
  • 2021, February 27th: Art exhibit opening at Raglan Tree Gallery Blog AD
  • 2021, February 21st: LOLapalooza in Raglan Shire Blog
  • 2021, February 14th: Mardi Gras in Raglan Shire Blog
  • 2021, February 3rd: Rogue and tiny band Flickr
  • 2021, January 30th: Petite Village Ice skating pawtee (old location) Flickr
  • 2021, January 28th: Minie rezzday pawtee with DJ Mia Flickr
  • 2021, January 23rd: IOW gallery event Flickr
  • 2020-2021 Shire New Year Flickr
  • 2020, December 19th: Tiny Carolers in Mieville Flickr
  • 2020, September 12th: Autumn Market at old Petite Village Flickr
  • 2020, July 24th: Wootstock 2020: Dj Shakespeare Flickr
  • 2020, July 20th: Dj Mia at KnoWhere Art Gallery Flickr
  • 2020 Raglan Shire Art Walk Flickr
  • 2020, May 23rd Derry and Bear Art Walk Storytime Flickr
  • 2019, July 29th: Songbird at Wootstock 2019 Flickr
  • 2019, March 9th: Miss Longtail at New Toulouse square Flickr
  • 2018, June 13th: Miss Longtail at Club Amarantha. Flickr
  • 2018, June 9th: New Toulouse Tiny Club RFL Pawtee Flickr
  • 2018, May 30th: Miss Longtail at Club Aurora Flickr
  • 2017, September 10th: Eviona and Wielo ReWedding. Flickr
  • 2017, March 25th: Opening party of Tiny town old blog
  • 2017, February 14th: Valentiny Pawtee at IOW old blog
  • 2016, December 18th: Miss Longtail Singing at Raglan Shire old blog
  • 2016, December 4th: Benny’s Christmas Pawtee old blog
  • 2016, October 3rd: Pumpkin Town Visit with bears old blog