1.9 Dinkie Bento Update is now ready at Tiny Inc.

Tiny Inc. redelivery

Tiny Inc. redelivery terminal is the sign protruding out of the yellow shirt, as you can see in this snapshot.
<a href="http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Raglan Shire/31/57/61" rel="noreferrer nofollow">SLurl</a>
Tiny Inc. redelivery terminal is the sign protruding out of the yellow shirt, as you can see in this snapshot. SLurl

Please read this carefully. All dinkies should pay attention to it.
1.9 Dinkie Bento Update is now ready at Tiny Inc. If you own a dinkie avatar, you should get the update by going to the store and clicking the redelivery terminal.

The update comes with several new features, which will add to the creative ways we can use our beloved avatars. There is a much better blinking feature, and a sleep setting that works with the DinkieDo hud. The cats will be able to have facial expressions, such as smiling. The ears will be getting versatile movement abilities, we all know ears are a key part of communication! This update paves the way for new products such as huds and animations, where these abilities come to full effect. Not to forget the bunnies, which have a bento 1.9 version ready for redelivery, too, and BOM for creators to work with. The bunnies come with a merged tail version, and one with body and tail separate. The tail moves, as do the cat tails.

Make sure to keep a copy of the 1.8 version you currently have, in case you need it for things that will not be updated, or will take time to update. The 1.8 version of the avatars will no longer be supported by Tiny Inc. So it will not be available after this. I would keep a copy of it, even if you do not right now think you need it for anything. At least the original box, so that you can set it up if needed.

The reason I am urging carefulness with holding on to the copy of 1.8 is, because this update could affect some skins and make up you may have bought for the old avatar version. It does not affect all products, as the change is very minimal and mainly concerns the lips. Things around the eyes and most paintings such as tattoos will not be affected.
As the 1.8 version is grandfathered, the updates will be free, and new purchases are the current price until end of Fantasy Faire, which ends May 9th. After that the price is subject to changes.

Let’s be understanding of creators making items for dinkies, as this came as a surprise to them. Several creators made items for Fantasy Faire using the 1.8 avatar version, and will need to make updates for the new version. I have heard from Twisted Whiskers and Suzu, that they are already hard at work with updates, and I am sure everyone else will inform us as things develop. Not everything will be affected, but keep an eye on the Dinkies group for technical details.

Eth, the owner of Tiny.Inc is working on a creator kit for designers to make skins for the cats. The bunnies will follow. The 1.9 update is a work in progress, which may still have some revisions to make the details even better. She will be swamped with questions and requests due to this update, so let’s be kind and patient with her, as well. This is a great new feature she has worked hard on, and we should be focusing on the excitement. Yay!

Update 22nd May, 2021:

Bunny and kitty skin kits v1.9
v1.9 make-up mask for both bunny and kitty for making high resolution face stuff.
If you have bought any older version before, then you can get an update from any Caspervend redelivery terminal.



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