Dinkie Fashion: Zippies

In the video Lala Lourbridge and me are testing the hud, which came with Zippies. Video has no sound, unfortunately.

There are 60 different Zippies!

Zippies are new outfits made by Nil McCallen and Etheria Parrott for dinkie avatars (version 1.9 and up). They were released at Fantasy Faire this year, and will be sold there until May 9th. Nil’s dinkie mods are at Tiny.Inc and Fifties Dinkies has his dinkie fashion. He has fifties stuff for regular avatars at Rain Cloud. Tiny.Inc is the home of the dinkie avatar.

In the pictures:

1.2.3. Me and Lala relaxing at her place
4.5. Me and Lala went to test out the new Dinkie Kitty Pond by Aminata at her and Twisted Whiskers’ FF store. Displays of Zippies at the FF store.


Lala is wearing: Dinkies Zippie – Garden Edition – Butterfly, Pink
With Tiny Inc. White Dinkie Avatar
Pieni is wearing: Dinkies Zippie – Garden Edition – Garden Mouse
With Tiny Inc. Black Dinkie Avatar – Modified (info here)
(Btw I left my ears out intentionally, that does not happen with regular dinkie).

Fantasy Faire 2021 store list.

(My post with info on 1.9 update on dinkies).



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