Dinkie Fashion: Cat Zippie Special Ed

<a href="https://pieni.art/cat-zippie-special-ed/" rel="noreferrer nofollow">Pieni.art blog post</a> with pic, details and links.
Pieni.art blog post with pic, details and links.

Fantasy Faire 2022 April 21 – May 8, 2022 (Dinkie Stores list)
Outfit and Hoverboard: Nil: FF 2022 Cat Zippie Special Ed., ENP at Fantasy Faire
Not available after the event!
Eyes: Honey Dragon: Kirakira, blue & silver, HD at Fantasy Faire (Thanks!)
Body: Tiny Inc.: Black Dinkie Cat v1.9 Bento
Orb: CyberFactory: K5, 25L$Tue

Location: Living Echoes, Fantasy Faire
Windlight: Region



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