Fashion Dinkies: Dicentra

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Outfit: All Little Folks: Dinkie Lace Pearl Pijama
Socks: Awesome Pawsum: BOM Dinkie pink socks
Body: Tiny Inc.: Black Dinkie Cat v1.9 Bento
Bouquet: Fancy Dancer: Rose Pink, Fancy Dancer at Valentine’s Shop & Hop free gift
Nose Ring: Kibitz: Heart, gold, Kibitz at Valentine’s Shop & Hop free gift
Necklace: Fendudu: Midnight Lady D, Midnight Order, list
Earrings: Earthstone: Heartstone,
Hair: Doe: Tea,
Headdress: Tentacio: Eternidad, Happy Weekend 60-90L$WE
Toy: Ninetyfive: Snuggle Berry Plushie 01, The Love Bites Hunt, Flickr

Pose: Zeevh: 155 f4, Trinity WE
Location: Lutz City of Templemore (Found Here)
Windlight: Region



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