Fashion Dinkies: Juliana

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Top: Dinkie BoutiqueDB Dinkies Juliana Blouse, black (Thanks!)
Shoes: Dinkie Boutique: DB Dinkies Angelina Heels, black (Thanks!) (Thanks!)
Pants: Miss Ing’s: Dinkie Pirate Leggings Black
Body: Tiny Inc.: White Dinkie Cat v1.9 Bento
Earrings: Slavia: Donna, GOAT66 Sale
Bag: Luxrebel: CloeHappy Weekend 60-90L$WE (I attached to forearm)
Hair: Beusy: Inertia V2 Hairstyle, Mini Assorted, Happy Weekend 60-90L$WE
(There is a cap version and a just hair version, this is the hair version. Look at ad closely).
Glasses: Schoen: Classic Student Glasses, Lazy Sunday
Food: Andika: Autumn Chocolaty Sweets, Dispenser&Wearables Set 1, Lazy Sunday
Headband: Angelicus: Amy, 35L$ Sunday Sales
Collar: Kilo: Heart SPS dollarbie

Pose: NantraWon’t you? 1, Nantra at Valentine’s Shop & Hop
Use their 300L$ gift card event gift to make this free!
Location: Aurelias Fables & Fairytales (Found Here)
Windlight: Region



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