Fashion Dinkies: Designs by Isaura: Swan Princess


Gown & accessories: Swan Princess Designs by Isaura at FeatherfallFantasy Faire until May 9th
Hair: Limerence: Victoria, Special set, Cosmopolitan group gift, list
(Be prepared to change size of hair for dinkies).
Pose: Elephante: Feel The Magic #1
Pose: P.o.s.e.: Princess #2 (front and back) Flickr

Location: The Seventh Valley, Sponsored by The Realm of Rosehaven
Region by Gidgette Adagio

My previous posts featuring Designs by Isaura at Fantasy Faire 2021:
Dinkiescout outfit
Realistic eyes, blue

For mood: Swan Lake: Dance of the cygnets, The Royal Ballet, Meaghan Grace Hinkis, Isabella Gasparini, Romany Pajdak and Elizabeth Harrod



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