Fashion Dinkies: Nico (FF)

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Harrison and his best friend,
A little knit monkey,
are testing out a scooter
for a busy cat friend.
Nice smooth travel.
Very easy to use.
But did the cat forget something?
Maybe to tell them, it was a hovercraft!

by Pieni

Outfit: Peeps at FF: Dinkies More Cats Tank Top and Shorts Outfit (Thanks!)
(With the Peeps hud you can set materials levels.
I made her dress shiny here. This post has a lower percentage).
Shoes: Kaosome: Dinkie Wellington boots, black
Ear Markings: Suzu at FF: Dinkie Sphynx 4, Tintable, 60% (Thanks!)
Freckles: Suzu at FF Dinkie Sphynx 2, Tintable (Thanks!)
Nose Marking: Suzu at FF Dinkie Sphynx 3, Tintable, 60% (Thanks!)
Skin: Tiny.Inc at FF: Fawn
Eyes: Tiny.Inc at FF: Amber with Fawn skin
Jewellery: Tiny.Inc at FF: Dinkie Piercing Set, placement hud
Body: Tiny.Inc at FF: Dinkie Sphynx Avatar (my post with info)
Glasses: Butanik83 at FF: Scholar’s Glasses
Horns: Butanik83 at FF: Archdemon, Monster
Hat: Rowers: Beret2, Manly Weekend
Toy: Aardvark: Knitted Tarsier “Nico”, Grey, Asian Pacific Heritage Festival, list

Vehicle: Nofu’s at FF: Hoverboard (Thanks!)
Fantasy Faire Dinkie Shopping Gallery
Location: Fantasy Faire 2023, Blogger Challenges, Faire Folk – create a character from the Fairelands
Windlight: Region



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