Fashion Dinkies: Sparkle

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Outfit: Charm: Dinkies costume Pink Mila v.02
(Add cape first, then add bodysuit).
Contents of: “gift boxes CHARM Dinkies eyebrows”, box in store, Group Gift Free atm:
Charm Dinkies eyebrows-white with opacity 20%
Charm Dinkies cute pink lipstick
(Also in box, not used in this post:
Charm black eyebrows with opacity 20%,
Charm Dinkies eyebrows-white with opacity 20%)

Skin: Suzu: Dinkie Base Skin v1.2, Almost White
(Body: Tiny Inc.: Lilac-point Dinkie Cat v1.9 Bento)
Tail: Tiny Inc.: Dinkies Kitty Supertail v1.5 BoM
You need to use the Supertail to use this skin!

Hair: No Match at Cosmo: No Tease, Hello Tuesday (Downstairs)
Jewellery: Sigma: Pansy, Hello Tuesday

Pose: Serendipity: Marlene, 1, 25L$Tue
Location: Imani – Kohonia – Whitlock (Found Here)
Windlight: Places Kunming



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