Art Walk 2021 Set up and thanks

Art Walk 2021 is not yet open. It runs Sunday May 16th through June 20th. Set up is happening quickly. There is a long stan.. well sitting tradition to reserve a spot by “hedge sitting” before the official go sign at 9am. All seemed to go well this time, let’s keep our paws crossed for no sudden sim crashes. I took some pictures for you from behind the scenes.

Art Walk 2D Area 1
Art Walk 2D Area 2
Art Walk 2D Area 3
Art Walk 2D Area 4
Art Walk Sculpture Area 1
Art Walk Sculpture Area 2
Art Walk Sculpture Area 3
Art Walk Sculpture Area 4
Vendor area
Raglan Shire Flickr

It often happens we forget to mention the team working hard on this huge Second Life event. Make sure to show them your appreciation, and no being mean! I know it can be stressful with lag and everything. But things will turn out ok. Just let everything rezz, the art is worth some extra rezz time!

You can tip the staff, pay their persons. And there are sim tip jars around. I took a picture (among the group of pics) to show you the tipjar for Karma, which will pay for the event announcements LL is charging for these days. There is also a guest book this year! Send some love and enjoy your Art Walk!

Everyone involved does a lot more than what is mentioned here. And there are other people, who just help out because they are nice. If any names are missing from those working in an official capacity, I apologize.

Karma Da Squabbit (karmagirl.avro) (Art Director)
Nil McCallen (posters, new teleport kiosk skins)
Jennylynn Capalini (freebie shirts)
Panacea Pangaea (hedgepillars and hedges)
Pipa Novelli (kiosk script & sim security)
Caleb Kit (Groundkeeper, testing hedgepillars)
Kayak Kuu (Art Walk Assistant)
Linn Darkwatch (Art Walk Assistant)

Remember, to set up art, you need to have registered for the event and followed the rules given by the staff.
“If there is a problem with placement, please contact Karmagirl Avro, Kayak Kuu, Linn Darkwatch, or RaglanShireArtwalk Resident. or call for help in Artisans Society of Raglan Shire chat (your group for rezzing)”



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