13th Anniversary of Toady as an SL teacher.

DJ Kayak playing the tunes, and a big group celebrating the 13th Anniversary of Toady’s career as an SL teacher. We are here until 10.30amSLT. SLurl Toady is of course famous for Grendel’s Children shenanigans.

Froggy’s Diner & Burger Joint got on the Destination Guide!

Did you hear Froggy’s Diner & Burger Joint got on the Destination Guide? Minie and I went snooping around the Raglan Shire National Park, and met Jilly, Swee, Pipa and Lanni.

12 Days of generous tinies

“On those 12 Days of Wootmas my tiny gave to me five thousand cool things!” Well maybe not that many. But definitely cool. There are fashion items, furniture, decor, food. They work for dinkies, tinies and titchy avatars. And other small ones. Pop by the booth and click the numbers for landmarks.

Halloween! Fashion! Eek!

Tiny community encompasses a lot of different avatar types. Here are some examples of the great designing, that goes on in our community. In the end of the post is a link to a vendor area with more cool small avatar stuff. Enjoy! More great goodies by pawsome designers at the Asylum Vendor area in…

Halloween Hunts and Shopping

Halloween Hunts:Raglan Shire – Groosum Eyeball Hunt Start by Clover Drezno.Fall Festival and Pumpkin Hunt for Parkinson’sMini hunt by ArtimasDRD Paranormal hunt: join free group to participate.Spookzilla Hunt 2019Hocus Pocus 2019Spook cave contest, Dreams Halloween Shopping:Bree’s Designs Halloweentown2019 Halloween Town – 10th Year Anniversary, TowniesNight Before Halloween in Mieville, with a hud game/ hunt. Titania…

Wanna Make A Deal? by Peach and Apollo returned!

WMAD is a beloved event among the tiny community. Among the biggest fans are these two titchy bears: Morton and Maymay. Try and steal a slize of the zonk cake, and you will see some claws 😉 There will be a special Shocktober one next month! Follow notices in  Friends of Raglan Shire or Smalltalk groups or event…

Tinies and Dinkies of the Shire celebrate the last days of Medieval month

Medieval Month is a mayhem of events. Clover Drezno of Totally Tinies/Dinkies fame organized a terrific hunt at the Med-ebil castle in Raglan Shire. Make sure to do the hunt, soon, as it is ending in the end of this themed month. See the pictures of tiny friends around the ceiling of the Medieval Grande…

Art Walk 2019 post 4

Jolie Lisa = JolieElle Parfort is also at Galleria Kakku. Previous Art Walk 2019 posts: Raglan Shire Art Walk 2019: post 1Art Walk 2019 Post 2Maggi sings at Raglan ShireArt Walk 2019 post 3: recommendations I am also working on adding artist information and links on this page.