13thMay2022 Art Walk Set up started! Info

This is the 17th Annual Art Walk. The event runs from May 15th to June 19th, 2022.

This year’s Art Walk is dedicated to Teal Freenote. Here is a video from her Memorial. Teal was around for the early days of Raglan Shire’s existence (from around six months in), and she was a long time Art Walk Director, as well as Music Director for a while. I will write some more about her, soon.

Over 150 artists are showcasing their works over four sims in the Raglan Shire cluster. The set up started today and continues over the weekend. Get ready to visit May 15th!

Info stuff:
Make sure to visit all the art areas.
Artwalk 2D Area # 1 – Raglan Shire Tree City
Artwalk 2D Art Area # 2 – Raglan Shire Pond
Artwalk 2D Area # 3 – Raglan Shire Tree City
Artwalk 2D Art Area #4 – Raglan Shire grounds
Artwalk Sculpture Area #1 – Heron Shire forest
Artwalk Sculpture Area #2 – Morning Shire bridge & park
Artwalk Sculpture Area #3 – Athen Shire village
Artwalk Sculpture Area #4 – Raglan Commons Park

Remember to check back at the Artisan gift and vendor area at the Raglan Tree Gallery.
Raglan Shire blog
Here is Raglan Shire Calendar with the events during Art Walk.
Keep an eye on Friends of Raglan Shire Facebook group for news and info.
Artists are added to Artisans Society of Raglan Shire inworld group for the duration of the event.
There will be notifications on Friends of Raglan Shire group and Smalltalk group, as well.



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