12 Days of generous tinies

“On those 12 Days of Wootmas my tiny gave to me five thousand cool things!” Well maybe not that many. But definitely cool. There are fashion items, furniture, decor, food. They work for dinkies, tinies and titchy avatars. And other small ones. Pop by the booth and click the numbers for landmarks.

Art Walk 2019 post 4

Jolie Lisa = JolieElle Parfort is also at Galleria Kakku. Previous Art Walk 2019 posts: Raglan Shire Art Walk 2019: post 1Art Walk 2019 Post 2Maggi sings at Raglan ShireArt Walk 2019 post 3: recommendations I am also working on adding artist information and links on this page.

Pictures: Raglan Tree Gallery exhibit opening and New Toulouse Tiny Dance for RFL

Two events today, where I was taking pictures. I blogged about them earlier here. First event was the exhibit opening of Maymay Matova and Miss Longtail at Raglan Tree Gallery, curated by Panacea Pangaea. Annual New Toulouse Tiny Dance for Relay for Life at The Green-eyed Fairy had great tunes by DJ Manfred, and was hosted…

Today Saturday 12NoonSL: Art exhibit opening and Annual Tiny Dance for RFL

Tinies and dinkies pawtee people! Two important parties today for tiny community, and everyone who wishes to join us. 12Noon-2pm SL time both, so some of us will be hopping between them. New Toulouse has their Annual Tiny Dance for Relay for Life. The Green-eyed Fairy is one of my long time favorite venues. Charming,…