Video: Art made in Second Life – Tucker Stilley

Friends and fans mourning Tucker Stilley. My deepest condolences.

Art made in Second Life – Tucker Stilley (Exhibit at Virtual Ability)

This video explains so well, why I recommend Second Life or other virtual worlds and social games to people. I have met so many amazing friends here, so much talent I would have never seen otherwise. And communicating with people is so important to our mental wellbeing. I have my own health limits, which are not great, but keep me indoors a lot, and I have friends, who live in assisted living situations, so I appreciate a chance for us to find each other. And in so many ways it is a deeper way of meeting someone, when you get to see how they express themselves, when they can be anything and everything they imagine being. It is a privilege to listen to people and their stories, be it aloud or typed.
– Love: Pieni

You can see the exhibit in Virtual Ability Cape Able Gallery.

Video: Art made in Second Life – Tucker Stilley. Exhibit at Virtual Ability.

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