1st of April, 2021 Grendel’s Fools

This is a thank you video I made for the April Fool’s experience at Grendel’s Children by Toady and Clover, with support from the people featured in the pics and clips (list at the bottom of the post in a pic, and in the end of video). This was just a one day event. But you should visit the place anyway, they sell all sorts of fun, fascinating things, plus every visit is an adventure. (Clover’s store Totally Tinies/Dinkies is here).

Jan the pengu both helped mow the lawn at the event place, and gave me an idea for the music to use. 🙂
The music is from The Classic Tapes by Philter on IamPhilter.com. (Legally allowed by creator to use for Youtube videos).

Feel welcome to follow me on Youtube. I started an account just to host my first video, from the art exhibit I had, and so now I guess I am attempting machinimas.

Hope you enjoy the video!

Here are the pics I took.



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