Fashion Dinkies: Geo

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Outfit: Tanja’s cute design’s: Lady’s pride outfit
Body: Tiny Inc.: Bengal Dinkie Cat v1.9 rev4
Jewellery: Heartsdale: Seraphim Tiara, The Vault, list (Thanks!)
Headpiece: Poison Rouge: Momo Hairpin – Blue, bought with PR at S&H 300L credit Group Gift (Thanks!)
Sunglasses: CandyDoll at S&H: SL21B Gift, Shop and Hop
Choker: Sigma: Pride, Pride at Home, list
Pin: Midwest: My Pride, Pride at Home, list
Face Accessories: Krature: Decora, Pride at Home, list
Food: 28LA: Frosted Cookie Pansexual, Pride at Home, list
Earrings: Alt3: Geodrop, Pride Edition, Pride at Home, list
Food: Mercurial: Pride Universe Brownies, Pride at Home, list
Pride at Home ended yesterday, but the vendors usually keep the stuff out longer.
Hair: No MatchNo PossessionGroup Gift, 50L$ atm.

Pose: La PlumeMelinda 3
Location: Blade Runner – Brutal City (Found Here)
Windlight: Region



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