Fashion Dinkies: Suzu at Fantasy Faire: Hatter

Fashion Dinkies: Suzu at Fantasy Faire: Hatter

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<a href="" rel="noreferrer nofollow">Suzu</a> at <a href="" rel="noreferrer nofollow">Fantasy Faire</a> until May 9th

Thanks for looking! blog post with pics, details and links. Suzu Mainstore Suzu at Fantasy Faire until May 9th Thanks for looking!


Suzu During Fantasy Faire
Outfit: Suzu: Hatter Outfit for Dinkies v1.2
Makeup: Suzu: Hatter make up for Dinkies 1.9
Eyes: Suzu: Hatter Eyes for Dinkies
Skin/mod: Suzu: BOM Tuxedo Mod v1.9/ Dinkies
Avatar: Tiny Inc: Black Dinkie Cat v1.9 Bento (about update)
Hair: Sintiklia: Cute mania, Hair Sweet, Dark blondes, #19 gacha
Pose: MalaNenko: Model 053, 01
Location: Paer Thura, Sponsored by Safe Waters Foundation, Fantasy Faire 2021
Windlight: Whirly Gloomy Day

I thought I would try making a gif to show you how the different items from Suzu change the look bit by bit. The avatar is a black dinkie cat, which you need to get from Tiny Inc. Then I added the Suzu Tuxedo mod skin. The eyes and makeup are included in the Mad Hatter outfit. A lot of Suzu’s designs work like this, adding details to personalize looks. For a casual look you might try the outfit without the makeup, and add Suzu: BOM Dinkie 1.9 Muzzle Fades, Suzu: Everyday Eyeliner, or the mainstore freebie: Suzu: Bom Face tattoos. (I will post those in the future, too).

My earlier post about Suzu at Fantasy Faire.

Reminder: Fantasy Faire 2021 is open until May 9th! Still plenty of time to shop!



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