Fashion Dinkies: Linda


Top: That Riverairy TouchWinter jumper, beaded, lilac (Thanks River!)
Socks: Dinkie Boutique: Dinkies Linda bom overknees socks, Violet
Skirt: Suzu: Batik Maxi Skirt Purple
Lipstick: Miss Ing’s: Dinkie Kitty Lipstick Purkles BOM, Viola
Shoes: Fifties Dinkies: Mary-Jane shoes pink
Body: Tiny Inc.: Black Dinkie Cat v1.9 Bento
Glasses : Bella Epoque: Pop Diner Glasses, BE6A free hunt gift
Necklace: On a Lark: Elemental, Tourmaline, BE6A
Bag: Belle Epoque: Runaround Sue, Handbag BE6A
Necklace: Piece of me: Jessica
Hair: Tram: K1108 hair, C88, list

Location: Immersiva (Great blog post about Bryn Oh’s art experience by Inara Pey Here)
I suggest looking at the instructions on what to see before this experience.
Windlight: region / experience on



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