Fashion Dinkies: Jackie

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Top: Dinkie Boutique Market (updated weekly!): Dinkies Emet Ugly Christmas Sweater, red (Thanks)
Hair Clip: Dinkie Boutique Market: Gertie, Silver, bow red (Thanks!)
Pants: Kaosome: Dinkie Bordeaux Silk Cargos 1 (singles vendor, 50L$)
Eyes: Suzu: April, Dinkie Cats, Light Green (Thanks!)
Body: Tiny Inc.: Black Dinkie Cat v1.9 Bento
Headband: Poison Rouge: Campanilla, Green/Red, Cosmo, list
Hair: Doe: Sweetum, Flux, Wanderlust Weekend
Shoes: Dust Bunny: Holiday Slippers, Elf, red,
Stud Earrings: Earthstones: Classic Pear, Ruby,
Necklace: Earthstones: Dangle Beads, Yule, Lucky Christmas Tree F3, No group
Earrings: Earthstones: Ferris, Yule, Lucky Christmas Tree Q1, No group
Ring: Earthstones: Jackie, Rose Quartz/Gold, Lucky Christmas Tree I1, No group
Glasses: Meander Me: Holiday Peepers, Advent Calendar
Bag: Nini Planet: Fluffy Fluffy, red, The Arcade, list

Pose: Serendipity: Leila, 2, 30L$Sat
Location: Esprit (Found Here) (80 Days Flickr)
Windlight: Region



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