Fashion Dinkies: Josephine (FF)

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Eyes: Suzu: Tabitha for Dinkie Cats, Purple, at FF
Skirt: Miss Ing’s: Dinkie Boho Skirt Set, purple (Thanks!)
Shoes: Miss Ing’s: Season Changing Pumps Set 1 (Thanks!)
Socks: Dinkie Boutique: DB Dinkies Tonya Fruity BOM Overknees, Cherry (Thanks!)
Vest: Dinkie Boutique: DB Dinkies Laurence BOM Smoking Vest, Black (Thanks!)
Top: Dinkie Boutique: DB Dinkies Merino BOM Sweater, Burgundy (Thanks!)
Body: Tiny Inc.: Black Dinkie Cat v1.9 Bento
Hair: DP Yumyum: T23(02), FLF
Jewellery: Bonita: Josephine, 99.Sale (rings will not work for dinkies)
Headdress: rnR at FF: Flowers K-08 Blue
Held: rnR at FF: Flowers V-03 Rose Red), Donation item, 1L$ gift
Ring: HopScotch at FF: Raven
Earrings: Avaway: Gift, Cosmo, list, Group Gift Free (Upstairs)

Pose: Pixit: Manaram, P1 F1, GOAT66 Sale
Location: Woohoo! Bay, SLURL Sponsored by .:Soul:. and PolyPlace
Windlight: Region
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