Fashion Dinkies: Ayana

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Top: Awesome Pawsum: BOM Pink Lace t-shirt, cheapie (Vendor with lace squares to pick color)
Make up: Twisted Whiskers: Bunny Make Up, eyebrow, lip blush, tintable. Previous post. (Thanks!)
Eyes: Honey DragonSweet eyes for Dinkie bunny, soda. (Thanks!)
Pants: Alright. dinkiesDinkies classic chinos, fatpack (Thanks!)
Shoes: Alright. dinkiesHipster loafers, fatpack (Thanks!)
Scarf: Dinkie Boutique: Dinkies Anara fringed scarf, blue floral (Thanks!)
Body: Tiny Inc.: Dinkies black bunny v1.9 Bento
AO: Tiny Inc.: Dinkies bunnyXpress hud
Scrunchies: Lyrium: Scrunchies Set, Satin Version, Flourish, list
Hair: No Match/ at Cosmo: No Actress, Hello Tuesday
Head Accessory: Lode: Ayana, orange green, Dubai, list
Choker: Lode: Briona, yellow
Jewellery (butterflies): Kunst: Papillon Set
Teddy: Believe: 647 Bag Baby Teddy, Dubai, list

Pose: Sweet ArtSiri set, static 5
Location: Alysons Secret – November 2022 (Found Here)
Windlight: Places Embryo



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