Fashion Dinkies: Muse (FF)

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Makeup: Dinkie Boutique DBD: Dinkies HD BOM, Spring Party, pink ombre (Thanks!)
Lipstick: Charm: Dinkies lipstick babe cutie (Thanks!)
Tattoo: Suzuat FF: BJD Dinkies, Colour, Dark Crease, tintable (Thanks!)
Eyes: Suzuat FF: Dream Eyes for Dinkie Cats, Pink (Thanks!)
Skin: Suzu: Dinkie Base Skin v1.2, Almost White
(Body: Tiny Inc.: Lilac-point Dinkie Cat v1.9 Bento)
Tail: Tiny Inc.: Dinkies Kitty Supertail v1.5 BoM
You need to use the Supertail to use this skin!
Fat Pony Mod: Suzuat FF: Pink (Purple is donation item) (Thanks!)
Hair: Truth: Muse Giveaway, Candy,
Necklace: Molichino: Tri, CosmolistGroup Gift Free (Upstairs)
Bag: Noble Creations at FF: Spring time, pink, Donation item
Decor: Astarrynite at FF: Common 4. Carnival Glass Hot Air Balloon – Team ACTS 2021, donation item.
The balloons are decor. I made mine smaller, and attached to avatar center, for picture.
Location: Fantasy Faire: Sipala, SLurl, Sponsor: Melodic Effect
Windlight: Region



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