Vehicles Tinies and Dinkies: Night’s Toy Box – It go vroom

Nightrider Rau makes really cool stuff, and his vehicles are so good they are my go to rides, which is true for many other tinies and dinkies, as well. Kid avies should be able to use anything that dinkies can, too. Check the vendor images for which avatars are supported. He has stores in Weelandia and Tinyopolis.

I asked for expert information from Night himself, since I am not the best with car talk. You know how talking to your cat brother goes.
“its car it go vroom”

I did manage to get some more technical information after a while of whining.
“all my cars fly and float on water and the new ones have a new color hud for easyer customization”

And even more exciting: “they also have 15 gears for slow and woo what was that!”
My personal comment: Wooooooooooooooooo!



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