Dinkie fashion and car!

Dinkie Boutique:Corabelle shoesRomi top and skirtHair: Yomi: Lhen Hair, discount at The Warehouse eventNights Toy Box at Weelandia: New car “Old Betsy” with new hud! Location: WeelandiaWindlight: Places: Bentham

Spina Bifida, and our Minie ponycorn

We have two big reasons for having a Spina bifida awareness month at Galleria Kakku with Rainbow Tinies . First of all, it is important to know about this type of stuff. And even more so, because one of our regulars, and my best friend, Minie has it. Come join our events this month, every…

Titchy! Dinkie! Tiny! Toddleedoo! Night’s Toy Box is for you!

Time to post about my favorite vehicle store, again. Night’s Toy Box sells furniture and fun stuff, too. But I like it best for small avatar vehicles. And yes he is my SL brother from another cat mother, but he is the best!