Lori Novo inspired Original Poetry

For a fox, who babbles endlessly, and is known for it, I often think I should say more in my blog. I tend to just list things I see and enjoy.

But then someone is so kind to me and makes a lovely post about me, like Lori Novo just did, and I feel inspired to write something, properly, in turn. Thank you so much Lori, it meant the world to me to read your words. I believe in kindness of strangers, and you proved this notion right.

How about a poem? Or a pawum, as tinies call it. Or pawku, in case we are in haiku mood. I think writing one for Lori is really the right thing to do. I have been doing some instant poetry in Second Life since I started here in 2010 on my other avatar, and as Pieni since 2012, but I have not really kept a proper record of them. So here goes for all my readers to see, all for you, Lori.

Lori is kindness
personified, beautiful.
She even lists things
to help others be thoughtful.
What a lucky chance meeting!

Love, Pieni

I think you might enjoy the tiny culture, Lori. We are grown up in real life, but not grown super tall in Second Life. There are different avatars that people among us use. The original tinies are cute and round, and use their own poses. Dinkies are rigged mesh, and can use normal poses. Look through some tags on my blog for more information. And im me any time for tips or in case you need back up. Tinies are keen on defending their friends with a bit of cuteness and a fierce pawtitude.



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