Event Pictures: Isle of Wyrms Colors of the Season Fashion Show

The Fashion Show was a great success! 2nd of October, 12Noon-1.30pmSLT, we saw some excellent designs for Autumn 2021, for tinies and dinkies.
Get to the location to make great finds within the show outfits and from the IOW Marketplace in general.
I posted the invitation poster here.


Many outfits have BOM in them and work best with the 1.9 update of the dinkie avatar. The update is explained here. Dinkie avatars and baby dinkie holdables come from Tiny Inc. The baby dinkie avatar kit is from CABS (read the notecard properly).

I got the fashion details from Ing, who did great as the announcer. Thank you to Ing and Aminata for the information used in this post. All the designers, models and other organizers were awesome.

Designer: Twisted Whiskers


Bobcat, Baby Bobcat, Arctic Fox, Baby Arctic Fox, Black and White Rabbit, White Rabbit Avatar With Pink Eyes


Knit Beanie for Kitties and Bunnies With Resizer, Dinkie Guys Jogger Outfit, Crushed Velvet Bolero Jacket, Pumpkin Plaid Bustier, Halloween Pantaloons, Velvet T Strap Shoes, Silk and Leather Bom Gingko Fabric Bustier, Laced Up Leather Bom Goth Pants, Goth Style Mesh Ankle Boots, Black Denim Vest With Lace Up Back Leather Insert, Slashed White Tee Shirt, Red Scarf Tied Skull Print Leggings, Low Top Red Athletic Running Shoes, Halloween Cat Top, Halloween Pantaloons, Halloween Tutu for Baby , Halloween Black Velvet T Strap Shoes, Hell’s Bunnehs, Black Leather Jacket With “Hell’s Bunnehs” Patch,

Designer: Miss Ing’s Things


Dinkie Franken Kitty Costume (Mesh Boots, Pants and Jacket, Baked on Mesh Shirt, Paw Scars, Face Mask, Hair, Forehead Scar, Bride of Frankenkitty Arm Tattoo), Frankenbunneh Version Will Be Out Soon, Dinkie Bride of Franken Kitty Costume (Mesh Shoes and Gown With Baked on Mesh Paw and Neck Scars, Separate Baked on Mesh Makeup Layers With Eyebrows, Eyelashes and Tintable
Eyeshadow, Black Lipstick by Sleepy Waffle of Waffle Designs Is Included, A Bunneh Bride Will Be Out Soon).

Designer: Miss Longtail’s


Mysig Beige, Mysig Grey (Knitted Jumperdress, Knitted Pantyhose and a Pair of Cozy Boots), Lämmin (Layered Dress With a Knitted Short Sleeved Top, Knitted Pantyhose, a Pair of Heeled Bootsies and a Warm Beret).

Designer: Maggi’s Mini-Mall


Dinkie Scissorpaws (Suit and Boots, Hair, Belt and Scissorpaw Attachments), Dinkie Donkey (“Hee-haw” on Click, Hooves Clop, Suit, Hood, Muzzle and Hooves), Dinkie Minion (Goggles, Overalls, Gru Enterprises Logo, Click for “Minionspeak”), Dinkie Ronald Mcdonald (Clothing, Curly Wig, Boots, Burger With Munching Animation).

Designer: Micachan


Dinkie Bunny Goth Dress (Candies Details on Sleeves, a Bunny Drawn on the Top, a Fluffy Skirt), Dinkie Gothic Child (Simple Black Dress With White Neck, Striped Stockings), Dinkie Warm Bunny Coat (Coat With Nice Bunny and Carrots Decor), The Vampire Dinkie (One-piece Dress with Corset and Fluffly Lace Skirt. Lace Gloves and a Goth Make Up separate).

Designer: Waffle Designs


Ultimate Bom Shirt Making Kit (Unique Look by Adding Bom Layers From a Selection and Stacking Them Onto A Basic Fabric. Shirt Outline, Collars, Buttons, Neckties, Patterns and More. 13 Part Starter Pack. Tattoo Addons on Clothes or as Regular Tats. Interchangable for All Waffle Design Shirts.), Pink Off Shoulder Circular Dress, Assymetrical Partners in Crime (Matching Assymetrical Teal Circular Dress and Shirt), Basic Two-tone Bw Pants.

Designer: Sterling Wear


Orange Pumpkin Head Tiny Outfit (Head, Pants Set, Scary Pumpkin Shirt, Halloween Lantern), Orange Spider Witches Dress Tiny Outfit (Dress, Hat, Ear Bows, Halloween Lantern). Dinkie Purple Witches Outfit (Purple Witches Skirt and Top, Hair Bows, Witches Hat), Dinkie Skelewalk Outfit (Skelewalk Pants Set, Shoes, Scary Skele Mask, Candle on Hat).

Designer: Dinkie Boutique


Dinkies Reese Outfit (Black Bom Sweater, Beige Bom Pants, White Bom Sport Socks, Deer Motif Jacket, Deer Motif Trainers, Cream Bobble Hat), Dinkies Trixie Outfit (Black Bom Boho Suit, Cognac Cardigan, Cognac Boho Belt, Black Lace Collar, Cognac Leather Tote Bag, Cognac Suede Platform Boho), Dinkies Terence Outfit (White Bom Tee With Rolled Up Sleeves, Beige Bom Jogpants With Belt, White Bom Sport Socks, Orange Bom Braces, White Trainers, Orange Beanie, Black Denim Jacket With Faux Lambskin), Dinkies Allegra Outfit (Red Bom Jumper With Turtleneck, Red Striped Bom Tights, Black Skirt, Black Blazer, Black Knee Heigh Lace-up Boots, Onyx Brooch, Red Hairband), Dinkies Rook Outfit (White Bom Tank Top, Black Denim Bom Skater Shorts With Belt, White Bom Sport Socks, Red Bom Sweat Jacket, Black Trainers, Red Scripted Baseball Cap That Flips Forward/backwards on, Black Skateboard Bag, Off White Waist Sweater), Dinkies Seraphina Outfit (Faux Corsage Top Black), Nails Black Placebo Edition, Lingerie Black Panties – Black Suspenders, Seraphina Bom Stay Up Fishnet Stockings, Seraphina Cross Earrings Silver, Seraphina Skirt Black, Seraphina Boots – Rock, Knee Height Lace-ups).

Designer: Alley Kitteh


Neo Steam Mix and Match Collection: Female, male, unisex (Mesh Leather Jacket, T-shirt, Gloves, Bom Waistcoat, Mesh Puff Sleeve Top, Flares, Jacket, Waterproof Hoodie-shirt).



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