Friday Pawtee! 8thDec2023: Minie’s Gallery Opening Pawtee 12NoonSLT

Thanks to everyone who came to pawtee!

Lovely pic by Jan!

We are at a different location, for Friday Pawtee for special reason:

Poster for Minie's Gallery's opening pawtee December 8th Noon SL

Minie Rainbow
Pikku GlitterFarts MorgenMuffel
Gallery of Arts

Opening Exhibit by Maymay and Pie, December 2023.

Theme: Minie and things she loved!

Opening Pawtee 8thDec2023 12NoonSLT-1pmSLT

Curator: Star.

Minie’s Magic Hunt 2023 during Opening Exhibit at the gallery, December 2023. Ten exclusive prizes by Pieni / Cake Fox. Look for the little rainbows.



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