Fashion Dinkies: Claudine

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Outfit: Tiny Bit Radikal: Dinkie Beaded Belle
Shoes: Miss Ing’sDinkie Kitten Heels Glitter Collection (Thanks!)
AO: Tiny Inc.: Dinkies bunnyXpress hud
Body: Tiny Inc.: Dinkies black bunny v1.9 Bento
Hat: Poison Rouge: Claudine, The Fifty, list (Thanks!)
Glasses: Imbue: Butterfly Shades,
Drink: Hangry: Cutie mugs, fox,
Bag: DDL: Iconic, Happy Weekend 60L$WE
Necklace: Ari-Pari: Gold Snowflake, Frost-E Fest 2023, list gift

Pose: StunYui 2 v2
Location: The Famous & Beloved Bay Rum Royale @ The Dickens Project
Windlight: Region



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