Fashion Dinkies: Smoky

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Top: Kaosome: Christmas Star, Free Dinkie Sweaters box,
free at the sale display until end of November
Pants: Alright. dinkiesDinkies joggers, fatpack (Thanks!)
Crown: Dinkie Boutique Market: Dinkies Sequined Paper Crown, gold
(market updated weekly!)  (Thanks!)
Shoes: Solo Carrasco: Red sneakers
Scarf: MayCreations: scarf green red (Free luck dip!)
Sized down from regular avatar size
Body: Tiny Inc.: Black Dinkie Cat v1.9 Bento
Hair: Doe: Starburst, Flux, FLF
Cup: Half-Deer: Lazypuff bunny, Holiday mug, green, FLF

Pose: Le PoppycockSmoky Mysic Pack A, Smoky Music
Location: La Vallée – Les Roches Chaudes (Found Here)
Windlight: Region



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