Fashion Dinkies: Patrick

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Outfit: Micachan: St. Patrick Lepreuchan Dinkies, cheapie
(Saint Patrick’s Day is 17th March)
Makeup: Suzu: Dinkie Sphynx Blush 2 / Tintable
Makeup: Suzu: Dinkie Sphynx Ear Marking 2 / Tintable / 60%
Makeup: Suzu: Dinkie Sphynx Cat – Eyeliner Set 3 – Liner 6 / Tintable
Makeup: Suzu: Dinkie Sphynx Freckles 3 / Tintable
Makeup: Suzu: Dinkie Sphynx Nose Marking 2 / Tintable/ 60%
Eyes: Lionpaws: Dinkie Sphynx Innocent Clear Sky
Skin: Tiny Inc.: Dinkie Sphynx skin: Fawn
Piercings: Tiny Inc.: Dinkies Sphynx Piercing set 1.0
Body: Tiny Inc.: Lilac-point Dinkie Cat v1.9 Bento

Pose: Arpels: Violet, 3, Blue Week Sales
Location: Green Story, again
Windlight: Region



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