Fashion Dinkies: Mavis

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Outfit: Dinkie Boutique:
New items released in the Petite Village Market Sunday 20th
NEW: Bracelet: Dinkies Nessa Scrunchie Bracelet, floral
NEW: Earrings: Dinkies Guy Hoop, gold
NEW: Shoes: Dinkies Emma, red
NEW: Top: Dinkies Dimmie BOM Tube Top, red
NEW: Skirt: Dinkies Ashley mini skirt, symphony
NEW: Handbag: Dinkies Ally, red
Bracelet: Dinkies Leather bracelet, red/gold
Bracelet: Dinkies Rosanna Bracelet, Twisted red
Choker: Dinkies Rose Choker, red
Nail: Dinkies BOM Nails upper Glossy Nails red
Earrings: Dinkies POM POM, red

Body: Tiny Inc.: Siamese Dinkie Cat v1.9 Bento
Headdress: Tentacio: Rosella, FLF (sale color is blue)
Ribbon: Momochuu: Mio, Black & Red, 7 Days sale
Hair: Bonbon: Mavis, Group Gift (99L$ atm)

Pose: Pink Moon: Tara 6
Location: Ashemi (Found Here)
Windlight: region



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