Fashion Dinkies: Emiko

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Outfit: BeeDinkie Designs: Dandelion Dress, The Faery Crossing Marketplace
(The sim is dinkie inclusive and has an area for us: Dinkie Downs!
Awesome art at Moz Art Exhibit.)

Bracelet: Earthstones: Heartstone, Moonstone, denim,
Earrings: Belle Epoque: Joralie, We Love RP, Free Group Gift
Earrings: Kiru: Thundercloud, So Kawaii Sundays
Headphones: Bondi: The Mad Cupid, Happy Weekend 60L$WE
Glasses: Bondi: The Mad Cupid, Happy Weekend 60L$WE
Hair: Sintiklia: Emiko, Happy Weekend 60L$WE
Choker: Vibing: Kira, blue, Happy Weekend 60L$WE
Bag: Ryvolter: Loca Love, Happy Weekend 60L$WE
Earrings: Arnaud Haus: Pearl Heart Drop, Happy Weekend 60L$WE

Pose: Buy MeElegance 9, Slept on Sales
Location: Orbitalis: The Great Library of Eruanna (Found Here)
Windlight: Region



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