Fashion Dinkies: Iris

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Outfit: Kaosome: Extra Environmental Dinkie GP (Thanks!)
(Vendor says Girl’s Summer Casuals)
Eyes: Honey Dragon: Kirakira, green (Thanks!)
Body: Tiny Inc.: Bengal Dinkie Cat v1.9 rev4
Jewellery: Heartsdale: Lady C’s Collection (Thanks!)
Glasses: Zoom: Del Rey Glasses v2Happy Weekend 60L$WE
(you need glasses from big sign, small sign has extra colors only)
Choker: Vibing: IrisHappy Weekend 60L$WE
Headband: Blume: Frogi, So Kawaii Sundays
Hair: Yomi: Shannon

Pose: Photoshoot: Solo, 12, So Kawaii Sundays
Location: Highland Retreat (Flickr)
Windlight: Region



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    • Thanks! I love the outfit. Kept forgetting to blog it. I took the first pic and the frog hairband was not showing. I based the whole around it. So had to do again. lol. Sigh. Bad memory is not very helpful to a blogger.

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