Fashion Dinkies: Emerald

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Dess: Dinkie Boutique Market: Dinkies Belle BOM+ Mini, Emerald (Thanks!)
Manicure: Dinkie Boutique Market: Dinkies Bom, Shiny Anthracite (Thanks!)
Eyes: Minty1990Dinkie Eyes Green
Tattoo: Sunora: Dinkies Face Tattoo Little Stars BOM, Group Gift
Shoes: Teenie Beans: Kawaii trainers, Ink
Skin: Suzu: Dinkie Base Skin v1.2, Almost White
(Body: Tiny Inc.: Lilac-point Dinkie Cat v1.9 Bento)
Tail: Tiny Inc.: Dinkies Kitty Supertail v1.5 BoM
You need to use the Supertail to use this skin!
Flowers: Vespertine: Bunch of sunny yellow primroses, The Fiftylist, Free Group Gift
Hair: Pyps: Cyber, Cyber Fair, list
Hairband: Tiptoes: Satin Hair Ribbons, green, Daydream
Earrings and Necklace: Meander: Go Bragh, The FabFree St. Patty’s Day Huntlist
Glasses: Mio: School Nerd, Sugoi WE
Accessory: Mio: Hair Lollipops, So Kawaii Sundays
Headband: Haru: Halloween Kids, So Kawaii Sundays
Bag: Luxerebel: Vanity, So Kawaii Sundays

Pose: Sunora: Dinkies Segway Leonie Pink&Blue, Lucky Board
Location: Brumby Park Conservatory, Ungnyo (Found Here)
Windlight: Places Astryls Wild



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