Events in Memory of Minie

Alvin found this great toy unicorn at a second hand store, and got it in memory of Minie.

The few days after we heard we had lost Minie, we would hang out together for support.

At Minie’s Memorial Pawtee Alvin’s unicorn, and mine were on a picture wall. Mine was just like the unicorn we sent Minie before she died. Hers was blue. It was in bed with her. Mine is white and lives in my bedroom. I got it from the pawsome Francesca Alva. At the pawtee wall was also a bear dedicated to Spina bifida.

Swee made this amazing titchy ponycorn avatar available for free at CABS, for the pawtee.

21st Oct. 2022: Tea showed The Last Unicorn to people in memory of Minie

Jan took this pic during the awesome tribute for Minie, by Toady Nakamura during her building class. Toady told us, how Minie had kept coming back every week wanting to learn to build, until one day it really clicked for her, as they were making flowers. She went with her new skill to a Prim Charades game, where one must build quickly, from given prompts, and others guess the word. Minie made a flower bed on her first try, and Toady was so proud. She also acknowledged, that Minie had a serious disability and her hands and arms were in constant pain, so this effort she put into learning was even more of a feat.

Class ad image by Toady Nakamura for Flower Bed.

This is what they were building at the class. I got a copy from Star (thank you!), and it will be at my personal memorial spot for Minie.