Rainbow Tinies 12Noon-2pmSLT

Rainbow Tinies 12Noon-2pmSLT today Friday 5th of April, 2019 with DJ Story on roof of Galleria Kakku. Pie is back, finally after some computer issues and ebil shoulder. Story got great tunes as usual. Join us! Bring friends and make new ones. Everyone is welcome, all avies, moderate sim rules. Safe Space.

Rainbow Tinies Friday 29th March 2019

DJ Story, Host Pieni, good fun and friends. Safe space. Come join us at 12Noon-2pm SLT on the roof of Galleria Kakku. Remember the clocks changed. So I think we are still starting an hour early for Europeans? See you there. I am posting this beforehand, as I will be out of town and logging…

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