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Shui-Mo Art Installation at Raglan Tree Gallery

Don’t miss FionaFei’s Shui-Mo Art Installation at Raglan Tree Gallery until the end of the month. They get some really cool artists exhibiting there. Check out her own Shui Mo Gallery, too. Here is an awesome picture taken at the Raglan exhibit, by Caleb Kit.

Art Walk 2019 post 3: recommendations

Bloodfang TS Clawtooth was kind enough to give me the recommendation, and I agree, SkyBlue Earthboy has important, beautiful art at Art Walk, again. And has had for many years before. So this is the first location of our tour today. You will find other interesting artists nearby, as well. I was happy to spot…

FionaFei’s Art Space

This fantastic all original artistic world blows your mind. Stop by FionaFei’s ShuiMo (Ink Brush) Art Space. She is constantly working on new art, which will show in the space in different ways. I recommend starting at the beginning, which is behind a big red door, by a big ink well. You can get an…