Story for Swee from Lanni and Pieni

“tp is for lazy!
people teleporting everywhere is bad!”


Pie: I rode all da way from Raglan just for your cranky butt¨
Pieni: I doing a whole story for Swee
Lanni: oh?
Pieni: Pieni: yah
Pieni: Pieni: how I came all da way from shire to you on a pony because you dun believe in teleporting, cause ah love you
Lanni: its good for yous
Pieni: lol
Lanni: it teaches humility and patience, things being lost in this world
Pieni: yesh well

Lanni: everything is right now now and now
Lanni: istant everything
Pieni: I feel like instant frog would be very good for me
Lanni: : froginacan?
Lanni: : if i was a frog in a can, my lid would not have a flerp

“I watching da deep dark sea, it probably full of pee”




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