Maggi’s Mini Mall at The Home and Garden Expo 2021

Maggi’s Mini Mall is participating in The Home and Garden Expo (27th February through the 21st March, 2021). The event is long running, this is their 14th year. Dinkies and tinies have their own sim again this year, and Maggi’s spot is here. It is a great place to take a break, as you can see from my pictures.

For a while now, Maggi has been known for her lovely fashion items, I am wearing some of her pieces in the pictures. She has outfits for dinkies, tinies and titchies at her Mainstore.

I am very excited to see her branching out to home design! The new line of decor and furniture Maggi is releasing is full of fun details, holdable objects, even cute animal friends, and everything is really well thought through.

Maggi’s Expo hunt prize is a great hammock. (10L$)
– Expo bloggers group on Flickr.
– Home and Garden Expo information website.

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