June 2022: Iceghost Studios and Gallery Summer Art-ravaganza

Please visit this awesome event at Iceghost Art Gallery & Studios. The Art-ravaganza opened yesterday, June 26th and will last a few months. (Georgie tells me the next guest exhibit will be in September). So what is this Art-ravaganza? There is a great explanation after the pictures, so scroll down for a read. If you want to avoid spoilers, it is a good idea to visit before going through the pictures I took, but I wanted to show the exhibit to anyone who might not be able to go in person. And honestly to show what a cool event our friend Georgie and her team has built!

About Iceghost Studios and Gallery Summer Art-ravaganza

Iceghost Gallery and Studios is an Art Gallery in the style of an Art Trail here in Second Life, where Georgie features her own as well as other artists works.

The event will be held in the centre of the land in the exhibition circle near the meditation area (areas 7 and 8 on the map).

Near the exhibition circle is the main building which houses Georgie’s most recent artworks. The rest of the walk features previous projects, whereas older artwork is showcased in vendors at the end of the trail (area 10 on the map).

There are a number of stopping places and seating along the trail, with a chance for refreshments at the beginning or end of the trail at Café Caravane.

You start the walk on Art Row, a little walled off area that showcases some art giving you a taste of things to come. You then round the corner and are brought to the Art Barn, which currently houses Georgie’s A to Z of animals. An exhibition of 26 animals all beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. I bet you can’t believe there is an animal beginning with the letter X! The A to Z of animals was the first exhibition Georgie exhibited in Second Life. Since then, things have grown going from a barn, to an Art Gallery to a full on Art Trail.

Over the past couple of months Georgie has taken part in several events including Art in Paris in February, and the Templeton Art Walk in April. She enjoyed these events so much she is now holding her own.

Past the Art Barn, is a little area called Art in the Open currently showcasing an in progress big cats’ series. Past that is the main building which brings you to the Exhibition Circle. Here also is a meditation area, where you can chill and listen to the singing bowl. It really works and you can clear your mind and concentrate on your breathing before getting back to some more art.

Once finished with viewing the great pieces by some great artists in Guest Artist Central, you can follow the trail and view some more art scattered about the place before coming to an area (9 on the map) called Art by the Fire. Here you can view some art and relax by the campfire. You could maybe even roast a marshmallow or two!

Thank you for taking the time to visit Iceghost Gallery and Studios, an art experience. We hope you have a great day, and come back again soon, to see the ever changing artwork and other exhibitions we are holding in the future!

The Iceghost Gallery and Studios Team
(I edited this letter a little, as it was sent before the event, which is now open).

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