Fashion Dinkies: Sage

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Hat: Miss Ing’s: Dinkie Cap with Brim Texturable (Thanks!)
Skin: Suzu’s: Bunny Skin, Dinkies, Pink, Bom (Thanks!)
Nose: Suzu’s Bunny Nose Mods (Thanks!)
Overlay: Suzu’s: Body Tint Overlay, Dinkie Bunnies, Complete (Thanks!)
Fade: Suzu’s: Fades for Dinkie Bunnies, complete set (Thanks!)
Eyes: Suzu’s: Jasmine, Bunnies, Pink (Thanks!)
Scarf: Dinkie Boutique Market (updated weekly!): Dinkies Rebecca Wrapped, blush
Outfit: Ema’s: Dinkie-Catlyn, Free, no group needed
Body: Tiny Inc.: Dinkies black bunny v1.9 Bento
AO: Tiny Inc.: Dinkies bunnyXpress hud
Mouthie: Goyo: P29 2nd Birthday Gift, Planet29, list, Group Gift Free

Pose: Photoshoot: Fisheye, Bento Pose Pack, Planet29, list, Group Gift Free
Location: Snowdrops (Found Here)
Windlight: Region



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