Fashion Dinkies: Rainbow Puke Candy Fart

“Behind us what? No no, we just fashioning. Go what? No, we not going to coachella. Monster? He just a caterpillar, not a monster. Wot you on about?”

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I can at least partly blame Nofu for this header. We were discussing the new outfits by Lycia (Dinkie Boutique) for the Season’s Market at Petite Village. Lycia has been working hard on items that will work great for the Rock Chicks Party they are organizing (more on that below!). There are a lot of color options, and you will find, that there are plenty of ways to make a personal look with them. I mean the clothes look great, and I just thought one post with a real Rainbow Puke Candy Fart combination was a must! It’s the new cool! Pride stuff helps, certainly. I love a good rainbow. Happy Pride, all!

Top: Dinkie Boutique: Dinkies Lauren BOM top, blue (Thanks!)
Jacket: Dinkie Boutique: Dinkies Billy short leather jacket, yellow (Thanks!)
Skirt: Dinkie Boutique: Dinkies Luna mini skirt, pink (Thanks!)
Earrings: Dinkie Boutique: Dinkies Pat cross, gold (Thanks!)
Necklace: Dinkie Boutique: Dinkies Talia Peace
Shoes: Dinkie Boutique: Dinkies Loraine sandals, blue (Thanks!)
Eyes: Honey Dragon: Kirakira, gold & blue (Thanks!)
Body: Tiny Inc.: Black Dinkie Cat v1.9 Bento

Bag: Candy Kitten: Pride backpack set, Pride at Home
Hair: Wasabi: Carol, Pride version, Pride at Home
Pet: SEmotion & Libellune: Caterpillar companion 10, Dubai, list

Pose: Omy: Akari 2, The Arcade, list (and noms)
Location: LisiPark, A Love Project (Found Here) Flickr
Windlight: Region

Dinkie Costume Party: Rock Chicks and Metal Heroes.
June 4th 12NoonSLT at Petite Village Boogie Club!



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